Sheriff-Civil Services

The staff of the Sheriff-Civil section processes civil action paperwork issued by the Prothonotary or another out-of-County court. They are responsible for preparing paperwork for service by the Sheriff’s Department as well as processing the Returns from said service. This is also the section which schedules and coordinates Sheriff’s Sales of both real estate and personal property.


Standard Civil Actions

Types of papers handled include


Custody, Declaratory Judgment, Divorce, Ejectment, Equity, Mandamus, Mortgage Foreclosure, Quiet Title


Habeas Corpus, Replevin, Revival, Seizure, Summons (in equity) , Scire Facias



Citation, Preliminary Order and Petition; Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights; Foreign County Execution Papers; Preliminary Injunction; Confession of Judgment Notice; Judicial Sales; Mechanics Lien 

All submissions for service must be accompanied by a signed Northampton County Order For Service Request if filed in Northampton County or out of State. Service requests from another Pennsylvania County must be submitted with that County's duly executed deputization form. If using a Northampton County Order For Service Request, be certain to include a valid e-mail address as all affidavits of service will be returned via e-mail. The Order For Service Request can be obtained by clicking here.