Rules for Jail Visitation

Please Review Our Brochure for Visitation as well as the information below before arriving at the jail.

  • Each inmate may have a maximum of one (1) adult age 18 or older and (2) children per visit.
  • Children may not run free. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to supervise their children.
  • Adults must have valid photo identification with a current address. 
  • All visitors must sign in at the building where the inmate they are visiting is housed. Main Prison, Tower Lobby Area, Work Release, or West Easton.
  • All visits are 45 minutes in length. Sign-ups for the Main Prison and Tower areas start at 6:30AM to (15) minutes prior to visit start time. Work release sign-ups are (30) minutes prior to visit start time. West Easton sign-ups are on the hour during visitation period scheduled.
  • If you are late for your visit, it will be canceled. 
  • Visitation for Work Release and West Easton Inmates are only for those who do not have outside clearance.
  • Acceptable dress can be jeans and slacks. Skirts, dresses, shorts must be no more than 2" above the knee. All must be worn at the waist. Tops, shirts, sleeveless blouses must completely cover the torso area not to expose underclothing. Shirts/Blouses must cover from neck to arm and must either hang lower than slacks/skirts or be tucked in. NO EXCESSIVELY TIGHT CLOTHING
  • Unacceptable dress includes gym shorts, boxers, short shorts, swim wear, yoga pants, and skinny jeans. No ripped or torn clothing revealing holes. Clothing with reference to alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, and vulgar or obscene language. No halter tops, midriffs, half shirts, tank tops, pajamas, lingerie, or see through clothing of any kind. No bare feet, or any heels three inches (3") or higher. All splits in clothing. No wrap or button down skirts, dresses, or zippers that go top to bottom/front or back. No hooded apparel, hats, or non-religious headgear permitted.