Geographic Information Service (GIS)

For Northampton County’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division, maps are only the beginning. A vast amount of information is available at our fingertips in this connected world and GIS possesses the unique ability to collect and analyze that data in ways relevant to the places we live and work. GIS can show not only where you are on the map, but also the kinds of soils you might have on your property, what voting district you are in, what public and private services you may find nearby, or even analyze the economic growth potential of your neighborhood.

The GIS Division works across many of the County agencies with which you may interact. Whether that may be Parks and Recreation, Voting, Tax Assessment or Emergency 911 Services, GIS is at work keeping spatial information current and accessible to the residents and visitors of Northampton County.

Applicable Rules and Costs for GIS Services

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See all rules and regulations related to mapping and subdivisions here.