The McClure Administration Cabinet

Nicole Pietrzak

Director of Administration

(610) 829-6244

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Richard Johnston

County Sheriff

(610) 829-6501

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Michael Emili

Director of Public Works

(610) 829-6397

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Nuria DiLuzio

Public Defender

(610) 829-6384

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Susan Wandalowski

Director of Human Services

(610) 829-4500

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Mary Lou Kaboly

Director of Human Recourses

(610) 829-6346

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Stephen Barron

Director of Fiscal Affairs

(610) 829-6135

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Ken Brown

Director of Court Services

(610) 829-6244

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Zachary Lysek

County Corner

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Tina Smith

Director of Community and Economic Development

(610) 829-6310

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Melissa Rudas

County Solicitor

(610) 829-6350

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